This page details our admissions process for current 6 students. Please see the policies and paperwork at the bottom of the page; these may be downloaded.

Year 7 Admissions 2021 and Fair Banding Test (Current Year 6 students)

As in previous years all students wishing to apply for a place at Strood Academy in year 7 will be required to take a Fair Banding Test which is prescribed by GL Assessment.

All applicants for places in the Academy will be banded according to the principles of fair banding, using the national profile.  Medway operate an equal preference system, which means that parents/carers who intend to put Strood Academy down on their preference form either first, second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth choice need to take the Fair Banding Test, which will determine what banding group their child should be placed in for admission purposes.

There are now no remaining dates for the Fair Banding test.  You can still name Strood Academy as a choice of school and students who have not taken the test will be considered after children who have sat the test.

Registration forms for 2021 admission need to be submitted online to Medway Council by Monday 30 November 2020.  Please visit the Medway Council website for more information.

You will be notified by Medway Council on 1 March 2021 which school your child has been allocated. If you are unhappy with the allocation, you have the right to join a waiting list held by Medway Council, or to appeal to the Academy.

Year 7 Admissions 2020 (Current Year 7 students)

Parents within Medway were notified by Medway Council in March, of the place that had been allocated to their child for September.

Until 31 December 2020 Medway Council will hold the waiting lists of all Medway Secondary Schools. They will be responsible for the reallocation of places from the waiting list.

The initial round of appeals for Strood Academy has taken place, and parents have been informed by letter of the outcome of their appeal.

Parents still have the right to join the waiting list by contacting the School Admissions team at Medway Council, and also to appeal for a place by submitting an appeal form to the Academy.

Strood Academy Admissions 2020 policy

In Year Casual Admissions 

Enquiries for admissions to all current years 8 to 11 should be addressed to the Academy.  If you wish to apply for a place within the Academy, an application form is available via the downloads above.  These forms once completed can either be sent via Royal Mail or scanned and sent electronically to